Top 5 Rare Flowers Found on Earth

Mother Nature showers us with splendid beauty and sights. And no doubt, flowers are its most beautiful creation. Apart from the flowers that we see regularly, there are some flowers in distant parts of the world which are extremely rare. Although they can’t be sent to someone as a bouquet, but catching a glimpse of them in their natural habitat gives an equally mesmerizing experience.

Given below are 5 world’s rarest Flowers

  1. Corpse Flower – This rare plant is a native of Sumatra and is typically found in the low-lying rainforests of Indonesia. They can reach up to 6 feet in height and can grow up to 3 feet in girth. They look prehistoric in appearance and are considered to be the largest, rarest and most endangered flowers in the world. They emit a pungent, rotten flesh smell which gives them the name Corpse Flower. However, they are also known by the name Rafflesia.
  2. Youtan Poluo – These flowers were first discovered by Mr. Ding, a Chinese farmer who found them growing in his steel pipes. Later, a Chinese nun named Lushan found them growing beneath her washing machine. 28 pieces of white sweet-smelling miniscules make up this flower making it only 1mm in length. In Indian mythology, this flower was believed bloom only when the Sage King visits the present world from the future. Buddhist scriptures also mention this flower. Botanical experts also say that this flower blooms once in every 3000 years.
  3. Yellow and Purple Lady Slippers – There was a time when this rare wild orchid could be easily spotted in the entire Europe. However now, Yellow and Purple Lady Slippers grow only in Britain, in the oddest location – a golf course. After its discovery, this flower has been under police protection from 1917 so as to preserve it from the people. This plant is very difficult to propagate, so much so that even Charles Darwin couldn’t cultivate it successfully.
  4. Ghost Orchid – This is another rare and fascinating piece of nature. The plant of Ghost Orchid was extinct for more than 20 years and materialized recently. This plant has no leaves, doesn’t even use photosynthesis for manufacturing its own food and is extremely difficult to propagate. The flowers of this plant bloom between June and August and emit fragrant odors during that period. Only the Giant Sphinx Moth can pollinate them by bringing their seeds on a specific moss.
  5. Kadupul Flower – Although this flower can be cultivated with ease, but because it blooms so rarely, therefore it is a rare flower. Sri Lanka’s wilderness is home to these flowers. These have a spiritual significance for Buddhists as well. They bloom only during the night and then they mysteriously disappear before dawn. The flower is also believed to have a rich history in Japan where their name can be translated to ‘Beauty under the Moon.’

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