How To Take Care of Bouquet Flowers & Extend Their Life?

Bouquet-FlowersIt takes so much effort to make a bouquet out of beautiful flowers. This creates great moments of happiness upon receiving them. However, due to their short life span, one tends to forget them after a few days. We should realize one thing that flowers are also living entities and their life can also be extended, provided you take its proper care.

When someone has gifted you with such emotions, it becomes your duty to maintain them as long as you can to pay a tribute to the emotions of your well wisher. We will help you in getting your flowers to live as long as possible.

4 Tips To Extend The Life Of Bouquet Flowers

1. Provide Fresh Water Daily

When flowers are immersed in water for decorations, they tend to grasp most of the water for their sustenance. Therefore, it is essential that you keep on replacing the water in order to keep them healthy.

This will also prevent them from the bacteria which starts forming inside the water and has the ability to destroy a flower’s life. So, providing fresh water on daily basis will help them to be in a health state always.

2. Trim The Stem Off

After you have successfully plucked your flowers from the bouquet, it is essential that you trim off the stem. The stem of the flower tends to dry up making the cells die.

This makes a flower unable to drink water efficiently. Trimming the stem will help in getting new stem cells to get exposed to water, making it drink as much as it needs for its sustenance.

3. Protect Your Flowers Against Heat & Light

Most of the people are of the view that plucked flowers also need light to sustain itself just like potted plants. However, this is not rue at all as plucked flowers have already matured themselves to their perfection.

Exposing them to more light will make them dry and finally lead to their demise. So, in order to extend the life of your plucked flowers, you should keep them in a cool and dark spot.

4. Protect Your Flowers From Ripening Fruits & Vegetables

If you thought fruits and vegetables had just one function of keeping you fit, you are highly mistaken. They have a gaseous hormone called ethylene, which forces flowers to drop off their petals.

This makes them turn into a fruit by forming seeds, eventually helping in the cycle of a plant. If you don’t want your beautiful flowers to shed their petals, it is necessary to keep them at bay with ripening fruits and vegetables.

Take Expert Advice?

If you want to know more about taking care of your flowers or want to order some beautiful flowers for your loved ones, feel free to call Vanda Florist in Calgary for the same. We will make sure your flowers along with your esteemed emotions are delivered perfectly to your loved ones.