How to Create your Own Flower Arrangement or Bouquet for Any Event?

Flowers have been an indispensable part of our lives since time started ticking. They are the best medium to convey our emotions, thoughts, love, grief, happiness or gratitude. The presence of colorful flowers around brightens the mood. Thus, they are becoming an impressive way to attract people. The Calgary florists say, that presenting flowers in different patterns, vase and baskets is an art that significantly soothes the surrounding.

If you are one of those people who love to create their own flower arrangements for special occasions, make your way to the local flower shops in Calgary and buy yourself some magnificent blooms.

Step One: Buying flowers

  • Buy More – When you are buying your favorite flowers, make sure you buy plenty of them. There are chances that you may waste some flowers while making an arrangement. So, it would be wise to pick up a few extra flowers.
  • Timing is Everything – Start arranging the flowers just a few days before the wedding. You can plan of arranging them several days before the occasion only if you are well versed in flower preservation. Apart from preservation, you also need to be sure of the weather conditions. Thus, it is sensible to arrange these flowers as late as possible.

Step Two: Preparing & Assembling
After buying your preferred flowers, now its time to start prepping.

  • Remove all leaves: You need to first remove all the leaves that are still attached to the stems of the buds. It’ll make easy for you to arrange them together. It is advised to do it in the garden with a handy waste bag to collect the pile of leaves.
  • Floral wire for floppy flowers: The floppy stemmed flowers like Hyacinths or Ranunculus, generally fall over within a few hours. You need to insert a floral wire through the hollow stem that will keep them upright. Be careful while piercing the bud, then gently bend the stem in the desired direction and trim the jut out wire.
  • Assembling: Start assembling the flowers with the foliage. Then add two or three flowers, twists and add another three flowers and continue this method till your bouquet is ready. Feel free to do experiment with your arrangement, but don’t overlook the pattern and color combination.
  • Floral twine: Once you are done with the assembling, you need to twine around the stems firmly to make sure they are secure and won’t lose their position. Cover the twine completely with a ribbon of your choice.
  • Embellish more: If you want to beautify your bouquet more, glue some pearls with ribbons to create a magnificent effect.

Hope that the above tips will help you in creating your own classic bouquet. Flower arrangements require creativity and experiments. But, you need to be careful while experimenting with your bouquet as that can overshadow the whole appearance.

We, at Vanda Florist, provide wide range of exotic flowers to adorn your every occasion. Our expert florists make sure to deliver the perfect flower arrangement that adds elegance and sophistication to your event.