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Flower delivery calgary

8 Florist Design Secrets You Should Know

Every Calgary florist or flower delivery Calgary shop has a secret technique that effectively works for their flower shop. Such techniques help them stay one step ahead of their competition. They try to impress and meet the unique needs of their customer every way possible. Here are a few tips that can help you make your own elegant flower arrangement:

  1. Keeping hydrangeas hydrated. If you want to keep your hydrangea fresh, then dip their stem in Alum powder. Make sure you dip the stems right after cutting to keep them last longer in floral foam.
  2. Avoid using the usual suspects every time. You want green and eye-catching designs every time, then why not think out of the box. You can use steel grass to create heart shapes and give a different look to your flower arrangement. Also, try using unique and exotic blooms. This might be an expensive affair, but it will surely help you down the line.
  3. Prep Early. With the holidays fast approaching, it is good to prep early to save time. For Christmas start greening before Thanksgiving and make sure you have the right design and arrangement in your mind so that you can get started with your plan as soon as possible. This will save you time and money.
  4. Use Stock Plants Leaves in Designs. It is a good idea to use decorative plants like ivy, fern, aspidestra, palm, monstera and snake grass in your flower arrangement. You can use them either to adorn the design or for sale.
  5. Easy Bouquet Design Stand. When it comes to creating a stable bouquet stand, you need to pay extra attention to the designing and the flowers you are using. A wire lamp shape frame can be a great tool to keep the arrangement, upright and steady while you work.
  6. Easy Way to Customize. Want to give a new look to wristlets and headbands? Upgrade the look and feel by using the ribbon in place.
  7. Reviving wilted cut hydrangeas. In case your hydrangeas become wilted in your shop, immediately submerge the wilted stems in very warm water while doing this make sure the freshly cut stems are deeply under water. Keep them in water about ½ hour and you will find the hydrangeas as good as new.
  8. Always Have Your Glue Pan Ready. Hot glue pan is a fast, economical and efficient way to speed up the design work. Every Calgary florist should use a hot glue pan.

Above are some of the effective florist secret tips that you can implement in your shop. Vanda Florist is a leading flower delivery Calgary shop providing a wide range of flower design and arrangements across Calgary. Call today to place your order.