Couples Take Note of These 5 Crucial Wedding Flowers Tips

Wedding is one of the most important occasions in anyone’s life. And as always, flowers hold a special position in weddings. They not only rev-up the look of the entire place but also make the place look much more cheerful. They perfectly complement the new couple who are all set to bloom in their new phase of life.

Wedding flowers contain a unique enigma and energy. Before coming to any final decision, talk with your wedding florist and make use of the following essential tips:

  1. Choose flowers in season – Choose the flowers according to the season if you plan to keep the costs down. In spring, for example, you can go for various gorgeous blooms rather than roses. To make sure that your wedding flowers sustain the whole event, it is necessary to concentrate on this factor.
  2. Let your florist guide you – Stay open to the types of flowers that your professional florist advises you. In case your wedding is scheduled for winter and if you’ve already fallen for a flower that’s available only in the summers, then it can be a bit tough for you to pick another flower without making a compromise. You may even think about shipping-in ‘out of season flowers’ from other side of the world but then it will drastically affect your budget.
  3. Check for allergies – Try to know more about the possible allergies from the florist before you choose your bouquet or buttonholes. Make sure that the bridal entourage isn’t allergic to any kind of flowers. Such a situation is much more common than you think, and therefore try to avoid flowers like lilies, freesias, lilac or lily of the valley for your bouquets or buttonholes.
  4. Personalise your bouquet – You can also add something more private to your wedding bouquet so as to make it extremely special. This would mean bringing in few flowers that hold a special importance to you. Something as little as a special ribbon or lace that matches the one from your mother’s wedding dress can really spark up good feelings.
  5. Check for weight – If you plan to order a dazzling cascading floral extravaganza in order to carry down the aisle, then you better bear some thought as how much it will weigh. To get some idea, ask your florist to give you a similar sized bouquet. You may even realise that carrying something like that is nothing less than a burden no doubt how spectacular it looks.

With these 5 things, consider browsing through all the stunning flower options for your wedding bouquet. Whether you go for the traditional ethereal white blooms or some sort of hot-passionate mixture of colours for your wedding flowers; always make sure that the flowers you bring in complement gracefully the entire occasion.

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