5 Most Popular and Loved Fragrant Flowers

The most astonishing feature of a flower, is either its appearance or its fragrance. While the latter is generally common as almost all flowers are exceptionally beautiful. The former is present in some flowers only. Each flower has a distinct fragrance, but every fragrance is not popular. Some fragrances might be strong and pleasing while others may be mild or faint.

If you want to give flowers some great scent in them, then the most admired options are:

  1. Roses – Rose is said to be the ‘queen of flowers’ and they truly deserve that title since they are the finest flowers. They have an incredible fragrance which finds use in making perfumes. Roses come in a variety of colors like yellow, white, pink, purple, blue etc. but the most popular are the red roses. No wonder they are a lover’s first choice.
  2. Violets – Violets have a wide variety of fragrance. Although there are myriad kinds of violets, but the most common among them are The Parma Violet and the Victoria Violet. Violets are also largely used for perfumery and medicine as well. Violets also produce some very essential oils which in turn find many uses.
  3. Jasmine – This one is a pure fragrance flower. Scent of jasmine flowers is unique and can’t be mistaken with any other since it is highly specific in nature and also brings intense soothing effect to senses. Jasmine is always gathered before sunrise because its fragrance is the strongest that time. Jasmines are generally put in special basket which helps preserve their natural look for a while.
  4. Lily – Lilies are found in almost every other house garden. That’s because they are quite easy to grow. Their fragrance feels fresh and brings peace to the mind. The time that lies in the middle of June and August is perfect for the blossoming of lilies. Their shape resembles like that of a trumpet. The red and other beautiful shades of this flower are perfect for every occasion.
  5. Plumerias – Plumerias appear to be some sort of trees. Their fragrance is totally irresistible and their colours exquisite. These flowers are used in the Hawaian leis. The Polynesian people have always valued them for their soft-scent and durability.

Plumerias come in myriad shades from yellow and white to red, pink, violet and many other pastels. Once picked, a plumeria can then retain its fragrance and good look for a number of days if kept in water. The blooming period of these flowers lasts up to 3 months with new flowers blossoming almost daily.

Scented flowers are to be chosen before gifting to someone. While giving scented flowers, always make sure that the recipient is free from any kind of allergy that might be triggered due to the scent. Giving fragrant flowers might be a great option for a normal person, but for an allergic person, it might be the worst choice. So, in their case, go for flowers that have little or no scent at all.

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