5 Important Things You Must Remember While Giving Get Well Flowers

Get well flowers are a great way to express your concern for the sick and ill. Taking flowers along with you when you go meet your ill friends will not only cheer them up, but they will also understand that you support them at this stage of their life. So, get well flowers are the best gift for sick people.

But do you need any pre-requisites while purchasing ‘get-well-soon’ flowers? Yes, you do! Most people don’t know about them, but it’s always better to choose your flowers for the sick person while keeping in mind these pointers.

What are Basic Get Well Flower Buying Precautions

Whether you are giving flowers or a potted plant, choosing the best for that particular person or his/her circumstances is always a good call. Following are some tips you must remember while making your choice for ‘Get Well’ flowers.

  1. Hospitalization – If the person you intend to give flowers is in the hospital, then there might be some kind of restrictions on the types of flowers allowed in the hospital premises or in the patient’s rooms. The more the fragrance, the more the risk of allergy. So try to choose flowers that are less fragrant so that they are allowed in the hospital. For instance, try to avoid the traditional roses, and go for orchids instead.
  2. Type of Illness – For people who are suffering from a respiratory illness, flowers are definitely not an option. Although the gesture is lovely, but flowers might make the condition worse because of the pollens and allergens. However, such people can still receive plants. Plants, in fact, make as a great alternative to fresh flowers and will be enjoyed by the recipient. Moreover, he/she will appreciate the fact that you thought about their circumstances and then got something suitable for them.
  3. Seriousness of Illness – People who are suffering from a very life-threatening or serious illness may not be psychologically ready to receive flowers that will die soon. This becomes all the more true for anyone who is stuck in an intensive care hospital facility. So, it’s best to cheer them up a fun-flowering plant like a potted rose plant or a violet. They will truly cherish the flowers and the plant and it will live for a long time.
  4. Gender of Person – Both women and men feel good to be remembered while they are ill. Flowers are a great way to do it. Big and bold bouquets having wild flowers are always welcomed by both the genders. They are capable of adding joy and color in someone’s world who might be feeling disease’s pressure.
  5. Caretakers – It is also possible that the person whom you are sending flowers isn’t in conscious state. Yet, sending flowers is a good way to make the caretakers feel that you think of them also. Maybe the relatives/friends need that dose of moral boost more than the patient.

Bringing flowers for someone who is not well is a good way to let people know that you think about them and want them to get better soon. Flowers make the days brighter for people even when their health is not the brightest.

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