4 Most Exotic Flowers Easily Grown at Home

Flowers play a vital role in flourishing any relationship whether its of husband-wife, mother-daughter, employee-employer or many others. One flower is enough to express your feelings of love, grief and romance. They can help you to woo your woman or in restoring a relationship after a fight. The beauty of the blooms can help you make the relationship stronger.

The flower shop Calgary has accumulate information about some of the graceful flowers that are worth growing in your gardens. These flowers can compliment every occasion and create a balletic ambiance that can steal everyone’s heart. When you plan to assemble the garden for any flowerbeds, remember to use good quality garden products to loosen and aerate the soil.

The most exotic flowers include:


Peonies have spectacular lace-like, generous blooms are one of the most charming flowers on earth.
You might not like their ugly-duckling bulbs but when they grow, they turned out to be beautiful blossoms. Once they are grown in your garden, they can bloom for years with minimal care if planted properly. They require proper sunlight, acidic soil and right shallow depth that is well drained to flourish. Their buds require chill of winter to set.

It is advised to plant a large tuber with at least three small reddish buds that is robust to allow proper growth. Make sure to leave sufficient space between plants for airflow. Then, leave them alone and see the beauty of peonies blooming in your garden.


Hollyhocks are nowadays, experiencing a revival in popularity. This tall flower offers graceful eminence and striking presentation. They can be 9 feet tall in height. They are more appealing to the gardeners as they are drought and resist heat. They need moist and well drained soil to bloom elegantly.

They don’t need much care and have a short life span of around 2 to 3 years. August month is best if you are planning to plant hollyhocks. Make sure to water the roots and allow sufficient airflow. Hollyhocks can be availed in several new varieties to offering a new look to your garden.


Growing dahlias at home is quite easy. These cost-effective flowering plants will offer consistent generous blooms all summer and fall. There are 12 varieties of dahlias offering enormous options to gardeners. They are tubers with potato shaped eyes and must be staked early due to their huge growth. Staking provides them reliable support to this heavy plant. They require rich soil and more food to grow more beautiful leaves and flowers. It is advised to plant them in full sun. Dahlia can replace its cut/removed branches itself and produce more buds.


Lilies are stunningly beautiful, colorful and artistic. They can grow easily as they are less demanding, can bloom in any well-drained soil with half day sunlight. There are various varieties of lilies bloom in different seasons, plant them according to season to have constant elegant blooms in your garden the whole year. Once the leaves start growing, make sure to add some fertilizer to their planting hole.

We have provided a list of flowers that can beautify your home and help you add charm to your relationships. At Vanda Florist, we are a renowned Calgary flower delivery shop providing elegant flowers to embellish your every occasion.