10 Exotic Summer Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers are the most important aspects of a wedding. Apart from rendering color and scent, they also symbolize life, growth and rebirth. Flowers can transform a formerly dull space into a beautiful personality-filled space. There are numerous online flower shops delivering exotic flowers at your place making your big day more special. Our flower shop Calgary avails a wide collection of exotic summer wedding flowers that includes:

  • Agapanthus – The name of this flower might seem awkward as it is a Greek word meaning ‘love flower’. These flowers are available in blue and white shades. These flower clusters can significantly add volume to table centerpieces.
  • Daisy – The daisies can share their cheerfulness with yellow flowers that can pick up the golden tone of the daisy’s center and beautify your venue. The circular shape of daisies makes an amazing pomander arrangement to hang over pew ends.
  • Delphinium – The four-foot long spikes of  delphinium is available in all shades of blue from cobalt to navy. White and pink shades can also be availed. Most often brides incorporate these flowers into ceremony or reception arrangement.
  • Hydrangea – These are short-lived flowers lasting for five to seven days. The white, blue and pink shades can get together to form an amazing flower arrangement for your wedding venue. The fragrance of hydrangeas is light and they can be used as cake toppers.
  • Lavender – Lavender is the one flower having its own distinct fragrance that is familiar to almost every bride. Lavenders are considered ideal for scattering from a flower girl’s basket. They can be dried and used for as a sachet after the ceremony.
  • Lily – The trumpet-shaped lilies symbolize purity and calmness. A wedding bouquet consists of lilies provide great dramatic and contemporary appeal. However, lilies can also be incorporated with roses or  lisianthus for adorning centerpieces.
  • Liatris – Liatris is a North American flower that generally blooms late in the summer. They are available in white and pink color that usually attract brides. These flowers open from the top downwards, so florists can tuck these deeper with other flowers for tidy appearance.
  • Lisianthus – It is also known as  Texan bluebell, it appears like a rose offering a strong purple hue. Its one stem can have several blooms. Thus, they add volume and density to a wedding flower arrangement.
  • Snapdragon – The cluster of these flowers render rainbow effect comprise of various colors such as red, orange, pink, purple and white. These flowers are inexpensive and can significantly add mass to any flower arrangement. They must be kept in a vertical position as they tend to bend their tips.
  • Yarrow – Yarrow blooms in early summer and are available in yellow, white, pink and red shade. They can elegantly grace your venue and can last for around three weeks. They can be dried and used as decorative piece to adorn the home after ceremony.

The above mentioned exotic flowers can add grace and sophistication to your wedding venue in summers. Seek guidance from your florist about how different flower combinations beautify your venue in different ways.

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